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Welcome to the brand new website of Upcycle Lifestyle! 

This is where I will post curated collections of Grow-With-Me Clothing and accessories for the littles. Some will be in-stock and some pre-orders. The pre-order listings will be clearly labeled and will include an estimated arrival time. All fabrics listed on this site will be new, not upcycled.

Most of you know that I choose fabrics that I fall in love with in thrift stores to upcycle and supplement with fabric from my favourite suppliers. Not to worry, you can still find these unique items on my etsy shop (www.upcyclelifestyle.etsy.com)! Reusable facial rounds will be available here too! For now I will be keeping the reusable alternatives to single-use products on Etsy but they may be added here eventually, as well. If you would like to combine your website order with an Etsy order, simply use the code WEBSITECOMBINE when you checkout on Etsy to save the shipping and leave a note at checkout to remind me!

I will be using this blog to share how I bring upcycling, minimalism, waste reduction and other environmentally conscious aspects into my daily life. I also hope to feature some of the incredible small businesses that I support. Have suggestions on what you'd like to read/learn about? Let me know!

Thanks for continuing to support Upcycle Lifestyle!

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